Images Heavy duty, mobile, and built to proof consistently through many years of use.
Insulated, with 6 separate doors to reduce heat loss while loading.

  • Insulated double wall aluminum construction.
  • Recirculating air system for uniform proofing.
  • Easily removable doors and shelves, control unit and water reservoir.
  • Slide-out heat and humidity system.
  • 4 heavy duty casters, rubber bumpers on four corners.
  • 6 clear acrylic doors.
  • 115V / 230V.
  • Use for donuts, cinnamon rolls, and any yeast products.
  • Optional automatic water fill.

Punch in your proof settings. The proofer does the rest - automatically and consistently.

THERMOMATIC™ model proofers have undergone more than 20 years of design and refinement with the aim of releasing bakery personnel to perform other regular tasks with absolute confidence in the proof process.

EP18/24 17 17-23" 23"
EP18/24CR 12
EP18/24/34 17 17-23" 33"
EP18/24/34CR 12
Images Images
  • Electronic controls maintaining even temperature and humidity and synchronizing proofer and fryer.
  • Intake and exhaust ducts positively located to recondition each proofing zone every 20 seconds or less.
  • Infeed tables that are flat and easy to load.
  • Sliding Plexiglas doors providing quick access and a view of the product.
  • Exit methods and conveyors that best suit your product.
  • Different height and length options.
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