Century Glazer at Cooper's Equipment
  • Fill the glaze container (every 30+ minutes).
  • Run a water cleaning cycle through the pump at the end of your production run.
  • Hose down, or clean in a rack washer, the removable conveyor and drip pans.
  • Choice of 2 sanitary pump types - impeller or pneumatic (pictured left) - with adjustable flow rate. See Which pump? below.
  • Large, easy-to-fill glaze container (heat optional). See Heated glaze? below.
  • 2-section conveyor - 1st section for draining glaze, 2nd for cooling.
  • High quality stainless steel conveyor belt. All components exposed to product are sanitary.
  • Easy cleanout to eliminate glaze hardening inside pump.
  • Easy removal of conveyor and drip trays for cleaning.
  • For donuts, cinnamon rolls, fritters, honey buns, twists, fried pies, and all other glazed products.

Easy Lift

Easy Lift Glazer  at Cooper's Equipment
  • One hand operation. Eliminates almost all effort with tilt-down, sliding glaze applicator.
  • Applicator opens more precisely on pull of a finger. Results in a thinner, more even coat of glaze. Improves quality, saves time, and saves glaze.
  • Movable on four heavy duty casters (2 lockable).
  • Storage for glazing screens within unit.
  • All sanitary materials and easy to clean.
    • Length: 38.5" / .98m
    • Width:  25" / .63m
    • Height: 43"/ 1.1m
    • Capacity: 40lbs / 18kg
    • Shipping weight: 88lbs / 40kg

HG Small

HG Small  at Cooper's Equipment
  • Glaze applicator opens to coat product evenly with a smooth curtain of glaze.
  • Combined lid / drain tray streamlines product flow.
  • Ample room to store for spare glazing screens.
  • Mobile with heavy duty caster wheels (2 lockable).
  • Removable glazing kettle and drain tray for easy cleaning.
  • Whole unit easily cleanable by rolling into a rack washer.

Total Kote

Total Kote Glazer  at Cooper's Equipment
  • Container tilts down into glaze, then slides across as it glazes. No strain, and eliminates time-wasting extra passes over product.
  • Warmed glaze makes for minimum set-up time before display or packaging. Saves on amount of glaze used, too.
  • Glaze container opens with the pull of a finger for easier control and a smoother curtain of glaze.
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